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The preparation-peel skin peeling program is a non-surgical skin treatment that helps the skin of the face and neck appear healthier, cleaner, firmer and younger. It is used to improve a little the fine wrinkles, the fine scars, the acne in young people, large pores and especially dark spots.

This skin peel treatment is achieved by stimulating the deep layers of your skin while shedding damaged, superficial cells.

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    • Most age groups
    • Most skin colors (white, brown, black, etc.)
    • Most skin types (thick or thin, oily or dry)

    Treatment Expectations

    This treatment usually:

    • Causes only some discomfort
    • Produces an ordinary-looking skin (and not a waxy look)
    • Results in an ordinary -looking skin colour (and not a whitish face that contrasts with the rest of the neck)
    • Does not use phenol, except in a small number of revision peel cases for persistent spots “spot peel”

    Treatment Details

    • Phase 1: The skin preparation pre-peel program, lasting for 4 to 8 weeks.
    • Phase 2: The “light”, “medium” or “concentrated” peel procedure.

    Fees for the peel treatment are paid in 2 instalments: first a deposit, followed by payment of the balance at a later date. The peel fees cover all consultations with the office assistants and all phone inquiries.

    The initial set of skin products, necessary for the average pre-peel preparation, is supplied to you at no cost. Additionally, a few medications prescribed for you during the course of treatment can be purchased from any pharmacy.

    The Preparation Program (Pre-Peel)

    A combination of skin products is carefully selected for you by Dr. Fanous, to be used morning and night. They include: cleansers, astringents, exfoliants, stimulators, color blenders, sunscreens, and moisturizers. This program is usually followed for 4 to 8 weeks. Initially, you may look worse. Your skin may flake and appear red and feel dry and sensitive. Spots may appear darker than before. However, within two to three weeks, you will gradually feel and look better.

    The Peel Program (Light, Medium Or Concentrated)

    The peel program is an essential step after the preparation stage in order to maintain the improvement of your skin. Ideally, it should be repeated every few years.

    This TCA peel treatment consists of painting the skin with an acidic exfoliating irritant solution (Trichloracetic acid).

    Dr. Fanous performs one of the following 3 types of peels depending on your needs:

    1. “Light peel”: low in concentration.
    2. “Medium peel”: moderate in concentration.
    3. “Concentrated peel”: high in concentration.

    After the treatment

    The procedure takes relatively little time (20 to 40 minutes) and is done under local anesthesia. It causes a little discomfort.

    You can return home the same day.

    Recovery period

    Mild itching, crusting and redness appear afterwards. These symptoms are usually and relatively painless. Your skin gradually improves, changing its color from red to a paler pink hue.

    Following the peel, you are usually presentable in 3 to 4 days (in the case of “light” and “medium” peels) or in 5 to 6 days (following a “concentrated” peel). Your appearance will continue to improve steadily for 6 months following the peel. Therefore, be patient!

    Occasionally, brown spots, pimples, large pores, some acne activity, some redness or some discoloration may be seen for the next 2 to 6 months. Persistence of skin discoloration and redness is not common, but possible.

    No sun exposure is permitted after this procedure for at least 2 months. In the future, to preserve your skin from the continuing effects of the daily aging process, you may need a peel every few years.

    If you have received “Accutane” for acne treatment in the past, your peel may have to be postponed for a few months.

    If you have suffered from previous herpes infections (cold sores), special medications will be prescribed for you to prevent its recurrence.


    Skin procedures entail certain side effects and potential complications, such as prolonged skin redness, skin spotting, scarring, infection, discoloration, persistence of some wrinkles, skin necrosis, etc. These risks are possible, but not common.

    How much does peel treatment cost?

    To have a general and approximate idea of costs and to get answers to any other question, please call us today at 514-935-9513 It will be a pleasure for us to talk to you.

    Depending on the esthetic problem, the city where the clinic is located and the reputation of this clinic, the cost of a cosmetic surgery can vary.

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