Reviews of patients


“I had a great surgery. I’m very pleased and results are extremely natural.”

– Carol

“I am very satisfied with Dr Fanous. Thank you Dr Fanous”

– Karima (Original in French)

“I’ve got an impeccable and courteous service form the first to the last visit. Dr Fanous has respected my choices and gave me the expected result. In short, it was a great experience!”

– Dominique (Original in french)

“Dr Fanous is very available and his staff is very nice. They let us feel confident. It is very easy to get an appointment when we have other questions to Dr Fanous.

– Veronique (Original in french)

“I am very satisfied with Dr Fanous. He is the best Doctor. Thank you.”

– Nadjet (Original in french)

“Very satisfied of the services of Dr Fanous’ clinic. Excellent service, always available.”

– Alexandra (Original in french)

“You have given me back my smile. Thank you very much with all of my heart. Thanks again to all the staff.”

– Kadija (Original in french)

“Thank you so much to the team. They were patient, attentive to my needs; they could answer all my questions and also reassure me.”

– Julie (Original in french)

“I felt very comfortable with Dr. Fanous who is very nice and extremely qualified, as well as his whole team (particularly Minerva). They really took the time to answer all my questions (there were many), to reassure me in regards to the surgery and assure good follow ups. I suggest it to my friends.”

– Dominique (Original in french)

“I’m very satisfied with my surgery with Dr. Fanous. Thank you to all your team!

– Veronique (Original in french)

“I’m delighted with the results obtained following my surgery. Dr. Fanous’s team is very professional and pleasant and they also give total trust. I want to thank personally Dr. Fanous and wish you all a good continuation.”

– Mohammed-Najib (Original in french)

“From the start, I trusted entirely Dr. Fanous in the visits I had. This experience was a success!”

– Nathalie (Original in french)

“I am 100% satisfied with the result! I suggest it to my best friends! Dr. Fanous was very attentive and was able to answer all of my requests. He was a sweetheart!”

– Nathalie (Original in french)

“Very warm welcoming. The staff is always available to answer questions and reassure when uncertain. Results were higher than my expectations.”

– Michelle (Original in french)

“Dr. Fanous operates in a way that is exceptional in order to give perfect results. The place is very clean and professional which makes you trust the clinic. If you are thinking about an esthetic procedure, you have to go only to Dr. Fanous!”

– Michelle (Original in french)

“Dr. Fanous’s assistants are really exceptional: they do everything to reassure us. Having known before that it wasn’t more difficult or more painful, I would have come earlier.”

– Stéphanie (Original in french)

“The support given is of very good quality from A to Z, from the first consultation to the follow ups after the surgery. The whole team is very attentive and very professional. I recommend Dr. Fanous and his team to whomever who wishes to have advices or surgery. A big thanks to Minerva as well!”

– Marion (Original in french)

“Succeeded to perfection! I couldn’t have had prettier. I am very satisfied with the final result.”

– Mélissa (Original in french)


“My nose surgery has completely changed my life. I feel more confident.”

– Isabelle (Rhinoplasty and Chin) Original in french

“I’m delighted with my rhinoplasty results. I would like to thank personally Dr Fanous. Good luck to all.”

– Mohammed-Najib (Rhinoplasty) Original in french

Breast Augmentation

“What I most remember of my surgery is the fast healing after the operation and the natural look of my breast. Many people believe that they are breasts that never undergone any operation.”

– Stéphanie (Breast augmentation)

“Wow, thanks to all Dr Fanous’ team for my breast augmentation. I saw many of my friends’ results, but mine is so far the nicest.”

– Valérie (Breast augmentation)

“I had a breast augmentation with a lift a year and a half ago, and I felt confident right away. Dr Fanous and his staff answered my questions and made me feel confident before and after the surgery. I had support and was never left alone after the surgery. A very good follow up.”

– Manon (Breats augmentation and lift)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

“Today after my surgery, I am a fulfilled woman, and this makes my husband happy.”

– Vania (Abdominoplasty) Original in french

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