Rhinoplasty without surgery in Montreal

A subtle appearance is our priority

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    Filler injections can be used to alter the nose without surgery every few months.


    1. Hump (on the nose): Using injections higher and lower to it, it becomes less apparent.
    2. Crooked nose: Injecting the depressed nasal side gives the nose a much straighter look.
    3. A nose that is big: The nose tends to look finer when fillers are injected in the features near it, such as chin, cheeks and lips.
    4. Irregularities of the tip and dorsum: They are caused naturally or by a previous rhinoplasty, or as a result of an accident. In order to make the surface look smoother, injections are introduced to fill the depressed areas.

    Possible complications

    Vascular risks, irregularities, change of skin colour, red spots, edema, etc., are all possible risks. For this reason, it is very important that these nasal injections are practiced by a doctor with experience.

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