Ear correction in Montreal

A subtle appearance is our priority

This surgery (otoplasty) is usually performed when a child reaches school age in order to avoid classroom teasing and emotional scarring.It is also carried out on adults who may have hidden their embarrassing ears for years.

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    The surgery

    This surgery is not as simple as it may seem. The goal is to move the ears towards the head while keeping them natural looking, not too irregular and not too flat.

    The incisions are hidden behind the ears. The cartilage is carefully reshaped and repositioned with multiple sutures.

    Anesthesia without general anesthesia

    In general, local anesthesia with sedation is used, for adults. However, for children, a general anesthesia is necessary.

    After the surgery

    Following surgery, the ears may not match one another exactly. Normally, both ears are rarely alike.

    ne or two of these sutures may later be rejected by the body and are easily removed, but the shape of the ears usually remains unchanged.


    As for any surgical intervention, complications are possible but not common, such as injection, bleeding, excessive scarring, sensory changes, cutaneous necrosis, asymmetry, numbness, pain, rejection of sutures, etc.

    How much does an ear correction cost?

    To have a general and approximate idea of costs and to get answers to any other question, please call us today at 514-935-9513 It will be a pleasure for us to talk to you.

    Depending on the esthetic problem, the city where the clinic is located and the reputation of this clinic, the cost of a cosmetic surgery can vary.

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