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Low eyebrows intensify the wrinkles in your upper eyelids. They also tend to make you look depressed and fatigued.

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    Forehead lift

    Low brows and a wrinkled forehead are corrected by a “forehead” lift (Frontoplasty) called “0.0.3”. This technique, taught by Dr Fanous, is often performed together with an eyelid surgery or a face lift.

    Only three short incisions are placed above the hairline.

    The surgery involves lifting the forehead skin, without cutting the muscles of expression between the brows. As a result, the eyebrows are slightly raised, giving you a younger more relaxed and pleasant expression.

    The incisions are then closed very meticulously. The hair is not cut.

    Numbness, itching or weakness of the forehead and a mild hair loss along the incisions may be experienced for a few weeks to a few months after surgery.

    The result

    To maintain the result, a botox injection is suggested every few months in order to diminish the movements of the muscles of expression in between the brows (which were not cut during the surgery).

    Anesthesia without general anesthesia

    In general, local anesthesia with sedation is used.

    Dr. Fanous performs the forehead lift surgery without general anesthesia.

    You will leave the clinic on the same day as your surgery.


    As in any other surgery, complications are possible but uncommon. They may include infection, bleeding, excessive scarring, muscle weakness, loss of movement, nerve weakness, loss of sensation, skin necrosis, asymmetry, anesthesia reactions, etc.

    How much does a forehead lift cost?

    To have a general and approximate idea of the forehead lift costs and to get answers to any other question, please call us today at 514-935-9513 It will be a pleasure for us to talk to you.

    Depending on the esthetic problem, the city where the clinic is located and the reputation of this clinic, the cost of a cosmetic surgery can vary.

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