You can attenuate wrinkles, scars, sun damage and slightly improve the appearance of your skin with no downtime.

With a series of monthly customized micro-dermabrasion treatments, you can achieve a more beautiful skin.

The “Megapeel” micro-dermabrasion machine incorporates one of the advanced
micro-dermabrasion technologies.


Micro-dermabrasion is a skin exfoliation technique, much like a gentle sanding.

It utilizes crystals to gently sand the superficial layers of the skin.


Micro-dermabrasion is used on almost all skin types. It is ideal for busy patients who are looking for a little procedure with a little to moderate improvement of the appearance of fine lines, scarring, pigmentation problems, uneven skin tones and sun-damaged skin.

Sensations During Treatment

You may feel a very mild scratching sensation as the crystals make contact with the skin.

Mild redness may last for one hour to a few hours, depending on the depth of the treatment.