Lip Correction

If you have thin lips, you could be looking older than your true age. Correcting this type of thin lips gives you a younger, softer expression.


Lips may be made fuller and more attractive with different injections, such as Restylane, Juvederm, Artecoll (Artesense), etc.


In rare cases, extremely thin or elongated lips can only be improved by surgical intervention.

This type of surgery demands great precision. An incision is made at the border of the lips. A segment of skin is then excised along the incision to stretch the lips and make them look fuller.

Following surgery, lips have a tendency to swell excessively in the first few days. However, they then shrink rapidly and are presentable in two weeks.

The resulting scar is easily camouflaged by lipstick, and continues to fade for at least one year following surgery.