Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

The arm lift is a common plastic cosmetic surgery procedure that improves the appearance of a woman’s sagging arms, helping her to develop self-confidence and resulting in a positive impact on her life.

The arm lift, or ‘brachioplasty’, removes the excess skin and fat of the arms to correct their drooping. This technique creates younger-looking arms.

The loosening of the skin of the arms increases with age. It also appears after a significant weight loss.

Most women are very concerned about the saggy appearance of their arms, especially when they wear short sleeves. This is one of the reasons why many of them opt to undergo this plastic cosmetic surgery.

The Surgical Technique of “Mini-Dissection”

Dr. Fanous uses an arm lift technique with limited dissection of tissues (Mini-Dissection).

This is the technique performed on our patients during the arm lift, at our surgical center in Montreal.

This technique, performed under local anesthesia with sedation, allows you to go home the same day.

Your Procedure

During this plastic esthetic surgery procedure, Dr. Fanous injects a local anesthetic solution into the to-be-operated-upon areas, which makes them numb.

A long incision, located along the inferior surface of the arm, is used to remove the excess skin and fat.

The duration of this plastic procedure of arm lift is about two and a half hours.


A local anesthesia with sedation is used during your arm lift. Therefore, you will not have general anesthesia.

How Is My Recovery After My Arm Lift?

Usually, the post-operative pain is moderate or minimal after a plastic cosmetic arm lift.

The scars are covered by a light dressing for a week following the surgery.

It is often necessary to wear a special support garment around the arms for several weeks after your cosmetic surgery of the arms to help decrease the swelling.

Resuming Activity

Most patients are back to work within one to two weeks after the arm lift surgery.

Stopping sports is recommended for 4 weeks following this plastic surgery.


As with for any plastic cosmetic surgery, complications of an arm lift are possible but not common; they include: such as infection, bleeding, excessive scarring, sensory changes, skin necrosis, asymmetry, numbness, pain, hematoma, seroma (fluid accumulation), muscle weakness, etc.

Smoking can increase the surgery risks and can reduce the healing rate. If you smoke, we ask you to completely stop smoking during the two weeks before and the two weeks after your arm lift surgery.